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Grant Writing Toolkit

NEW! This Grant Writing Toolkit shares resources, tips, and tools for writing strong grant proposals. While many of the resources in this toolkit relate specifically to FPCC's Language Program grants, the ideas and strategies are applicable to any kind of grant proposal.

This page is under development and will have more content added shortly.

FPCC Grant Writing Tools

Language Grant Writing Video
Check out this short video for a summary of the FPCC's grant proposal process, and some tips for writing a strong application for funding.

Grant Writing for Language Advocates
This presentation provides an overview of the FPCC's grant proposal process, the stages of grant writing, and tips for writing a strong language grant application.

Sample Applications
These sample applications were made up by FPCC to demonstrate the difference between a successful and unsuccessful language grant application.

Artist Grant Proposal Writing Handbook
The FPCC's Arts Programs developed a grant writing handbook with useful tips and information that can also be applied to language grant writing.

Eligibility for FPCC Language Grants

Click here for information about eligibility for language grants and what FPCC's requirements are for language grant proposals.

Language Needs Assessments

Language Needs Assessment How-To Guide
Need help completing a Language Needs Assessment (LNA) for your grant application? Check out our LNA How-To-Guide for what information you will need to collect and step-by-step instructions for how to fill out the LNA form.

Other Grant Writing Resources

Grant Writing for Indigenous Languages
This manual was created by Dr. Ofelia Zepeda and Dr. Susan Penfield from the University of Arizona for communities submitting grants to the Documenting Endangered Languages (DEL) program but the information provided can be applied to language grant writing in general.

Writing a Grant Application for Funding
Community Tool Box has a great toolkit on their website to guide you through preparing a successful grant proposal with a step-by-step overview of the grant writing process.
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