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FPCC Mapping Projects

The First Peoples' Cultural Council has two mapping projects:

The First Peoples' Language Map of British Columbia is an interactive representation of B.C. that roughly divides the province based on First Nations language boundaries.

From the map, visitors can access a list of the First Nations in B.C. and information about them including what language they speak and where they are located. Visitors can also scroll through the languages section, which houses detailed information about the First Nations languages of B.C.

All the information on the First Peoples' Language Map of British Columbia is provided by First Nations communities. These communities can upload new information and expand their First Nations and language section as they see fit.

Questions or feedback on the language map? Send an email to Alex@fpcc.ca

The First Peoples' Arts Map provides an online environment for artists and groups to share information about upcoming events, including festivals, exhibitions, performances, cultural events. It exists so people can share what’s happening in their communities.

This map is open to contributions from Aboriginal artists and arts professionals, as well as those who offer resources for those artists and organizations. This map is a living entity that will grow as people contribute to it by entering themselves, organizations, events, sites of interest, or resources that support our arts.

Questions or feedback on the arts map? Send an email to angela@fpcc.ca

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