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Language Nest Handbook Online Companion Toolkit

The Language Nest Online Toolkit is a collection of resources for language nest programs in First Nations' communities. The toolkit is intended to act as a companion resource to the Language Nest Handbook for B.C. First Nations Communities. While the Handbook provides an overview of the language nest model, along with strategies for overcoming common challenges, the Language Nest Online Companion Toolkit contains a variety of practical resources to help with the day-to-day running of a language nest, as well as information and links to Indigenous language immersion programs worldwide.

This toolkit is intended as a starting point for finding resources and information; it is not a comprehensive list of every resource available. If you know of or have a language nest resource that you would like to see added to this toolkit, please contact us.

Teaching Tools for Language Nests

Here you can find a variety of activities, games, and teaching methods to use in a language nest.

Resources for Administrators

This section includes a variety of resources for language nest administrators, including information on licensing, schedules, job descriptions and much more!

Program Planning for Language Nests 

Program Planning provides some useful tools for the process of developing a language nest. Here you can find information on mission and vision statements and curriculum development.

Language Assessment

This section contains information on how to assess children's language learning. It covers different assessment tools that are designed for Indigenous communities.

Language Acquisition

In this area you can find information about how children learn language.

Immersion and Early Childhood Language Programs Worldwide

This page outlines other immersion language programs, both in Canada and internationally. This is where you can find information on how other Indigenous communities are teaching their languages.

Resources for Parents

This section provides information and resources to support parent involvement in language nests and in their child's language learning, as well as resources to support language use in the home.

Published Resources 

This section includes an annotated bibliography of published articles and resources on language nests and other early-childhood immersion programs.

Funding Sources

Here you can find links to various funding opportunities available.

For more information about the Language Nest Toolkit, or to suggest changes or additions, please contact Aurora Skala, aurora@fpcc.ca.
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