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Program Planning for Language Nests

This section is intended to provide support and useful resources for planning a language nest program.

Planning Resources

The Guide to Language Policy and Planning for B.C. First Nations Communities is a general guide for language planning in B.C., but many of the strategies and tools included in the guide will be useful for planning language nest programs.

This Community Tool Box is a free, online resource for people working in communities. It was developed and is managed by the University of Kansas KU Work Group for Community Health and Development. While it is not specific to Indigenous or First Nations communities, it has some excellent information, resources and guidelines on planning and implementing community-based projects and initiatives. You may find Chapters 8 and 42 particularly useful when planning a language nest program.

Vision and Mission Statements for Language Nests

Find a great example of vision and mission statements for a language nest in the SENĆOŦEN LE,NOṈET SCUL,ÁUTW̱ (SENĆOŦEN Survival School) Parent Handbook. This handbook provides information for parents of children in the SENĆOŦEN Language Nest.

We would like to add examples of vision and mission statements for language nests to help administrators, planners and community members develop their own statements. Do you have a vision statement for your language nest program that you would like to share? Let us know!

Curriculum Building

The following websites have a variety of different curriculum resources that can be used as examples or adapted to your language nest program.

The Gift of Language and Culture Project

Gift of Language: Nursery Unit Objectives

Alaska Native Knowledge Network

Dillingham City Schools Curriculum Guide

Yup'ik Language and Culture Curriculum for High School, Level 1 Teacher's Guide

Aboriginal Themed Lesson Plans

Sealaska Heritage Institute

Aboriginal Curriculum Integration Project

British Columbia: Ministry of Education: Aboriginal Education


Alutiiq Language Program Preschool Curriculum

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