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Funding Sources

This list aims to identify some of the funding options that are available for language nest programs in B.C.. Each funding organization has individual application deadlines so be sure to take note of these, as many are not open year round.

First Peoples' Cultural Council

British Columbia Ministry of Children and Family Development

The Ministry of Children and Family Development offers three funding programs to licensed child care providers in B.C. 

Community Foundations of Canada

CFC was founded in 1992 to represent community foundations across Canada. Community foundations work to build community vitality through building long-term resources, funding, and leadership. CFC provides an extensive list of community foundations across Canada. Here you can find links to your community foundation and see what grants they offer.

FCC AgriSpirit Fund

Farm Credit Canada works to create positive changes in communities across Canada. The AgriSpirit Fund was created to support rural communities by enhancing quality of life. This fund is available to First Nations bands in cities of less than 150, 000 people. Funding is given for capital projects, such as building infrastructure, and has been used to support child-care facilities in previous years.

First Nations Education Steering Committee

FNESC works to improve education for all First Nations students in B.C. The committee was formed in 1992 and consists of approximately 100 First Nations community representatives. FNESC offers one-time grants to First Nations communities and schools to support language and culture teachers in professional development, classroom instruction or resource development.

New Relationship Trust

NRT works to support First Nations in B.C. through capacity building, including: governance, education, language and culture, youth and Elders, and economic development. Depending on the initiative, funding is offered to individuals, communities, and organizations. Each initiative has it's own eligibility requirements.

Northern Health

Northern Health provides health support to northern communities in B.C. The grants are aimed at health promotion and disease/injury prevention. Many language emphazise health promotion in their programs through the inclusion of outdoor activities, physical activity, and healthy meal/snack options. Northern Health has many grants that may be accessible to nests hoping to further promote health initiatives. Funds cannot be used to purchase food, but could be used in other ways. In particular, their Active Living grant aims to decrease sedentary lifestyles, which is often a goal of language nests that use activity in conjunction with language learning.

For more funding sources check out our Other Funding Sources page!
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