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Language Policy Guide

NEW! PDF Document A Guide to Language Policy and Planning for B.C. First Nations Communities

This resource is an all-in-one guide to language planning and policy development, and is relevant to all interested community members, language planning teams (language authorities), educators, First Nations leadership, and policy makers. The guide lays the foundation for community-based language revitalization efforts, from surveying speakers to developing a community language plan and implementing language policies and programs. It is packed with useful information, resource lists and templates for community use.

Templates to accompany the guide:
Click here here for instructions on how to use the Policy Guide templates

 Template 1 - Language Assessment Survey [Word] [PDF]
Template 1 - Excel Workbook for the Language Assessment Survey [Excel]
Template 2 - Language Attitudes Survey [Word] [PDF]
Template 2 - Excel Workbook for the Language Attitudes Survey [Excel]
Template 3 - Language Learning Interest and Personal Resources Survey [Word] [PDF]
Template 4 - Identifying Community Language Resources Survey [Word] [PDF]
Template 5 - Community Notice for Language Planning Meeting [Word] [PDF]
Template 6 - Thinking Big Picture Ideal Language Goals for the Community [Word] [PDF]
Template 7 - Language Plan Template [Word] [PDF]
Template 8 - Building Support and Identifying Human Capacity for Language Planners [Word] [PDF]
Template 9 - Language Authority Terms of Reference [Word] [PDF]
Template 10 - Official Language Policy [Word] [PDF]
Template 11 - Resolution of Support for Language [Word] [PDF]

For more information, contact Aliana Parker.

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