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Language & Culture Camp

The goal of this program is to create opportunities for First Nations families, Elders, youth and children to be immersed in their languages and cultures through activities that facilitate the transmission of traditional knowledge, and values, while also nurturing the relationship between youth, Elders and the land. Communities carry out Language and Culture Camps using traditional cultural activities including multi-generational gatherings, and language and culture immersion.

Language and Culture Camps not only provide opportunities for community members (especially youth) to learn the language through language and cultural immersion, they also promote pride and motivation to learn the language and culture. 

The program is not currently accepting applications. Check this website, sign up for funding updates here, or sign up to our Facebook and/or Twitter accounts for further updates.

Resource: Language and Culture Camp Handbook

For more information, please contact Aliana Parker: aliana@fpcc.ca

Funding: Click here to access information about all FPCC funding opportunities.
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