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Digitization Grant Initiative

We are currently accepting applications for the Digitization Grant Initiative: Deadline September 30, 2019

FPCC recognizes an unmeasurable volume of B.C. First Nations language materials is at risk of being lost if not appropriately preserved. The deterioration of analog audio and video materials is at a significantly high risk. This issue paired with increasingly outdated and unavailable vintage playback devices creates a need for the immediate digitization of these recordings.

Digitization can facilitate preservation and access to these invaluable materials. Although digitization can be complex and costly, the long-term benefits outweigh initial investments.

The Digitization Grant Initiative (DiGI) funding will support the digitization of existing audio, video and textual language resources for First Nations in B.C. All B.C. First Nations communities and organizations with Indigenous language recordings are eligible.

Project Types: 
  • Digitization of language recordings from existing formats such as, audio cassettes, VHS tapes and other video cassette formats
  • Prepare recordings for digitization by creating an inventory of your collection or prioritizing recordings in danger of being lost
  • Curation of audio and video resources - describing and organizing recordings in their digital and/or original formats
  • Digitization of textual materials that do not already exist in digital format, such as, language workbooks, and other paper materials that can be used for language teaching and learning
Guidelines and Information:
  • Digitization Grant FAQs [PDF]
  • Digitization Grant Guidelines [PDF]
  • Digitization Equipment List (Recommended) [PDF]
  • Digitization Technician Job Description Sample [PDF]
Application and Forms:
Associated Documents:
Digitization Toolkit (developed by Indigitization at UBC) that includes information on:
  • Project Planning
  • Best Practices
  • Metadata and Description
  • Additional Resources
Next Steps:
FPCC encourages teams to upload their digitized content to FirstVoices.com so that it can make be more accessible to your community. In addition, digitized material will benefit from automatic back-ups, secure storage and reduced risk of loss.

 **FPCC would like to acknowledge our collaboration with Indigitization and their many contributions in the development of this new grant program.
For more information contact Kevin Perkins:
Email: digitization@fpcc.ca
Tel: 250-652-5952 ext. 215

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