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B.C. Language Initiative

The B.C. Language Initiative Program (BCLI) supports projects to revitalize British Columbia First Nations languages through documentation, immersion programs, materials and curriculum development, traditional and cultural programming, and community collaboration. First Nations communities and organizations are eligible to submit proposals.

Examples of types of language strategies funded under BCLI:

Immersion Programming

Includes projects where language transmission is 100% immersion.  Examples of eligible projects include Master-Apprentice programming where there is a one-on-one relationship between a master and an apprentice language learner. The master-apprentice project should include up to 300 hours between the master and apprentice language learner. The Pre-school Language Nest programs for children 0-5 years old include age appropriate language immersion for children. Immersion schools for grades K–12 where only a First Nations language is used based on educational activities in an immersion setting.

Traditional & Cultural Programming
Language learners are placed into everyday traditional and cultural activities in a setting where language transmission is 100% immersion. Examples of these projects are: language culture camps and traditional and cultural activities that involve participants in cultural dances, singing, gathering/harvesting activities, etc.
The main purpose is to document a First Nations language through recording, archiving and transcribing language speakers (e.g., using audio, video, digital, written language documentation, interviewing elders, etc.).

Materials Development
Involves the development, expansion or enhancement of language materials (tools used to simplify or facilitate instruction, language learning) that support the development of language and culture lessons for learning the language (e.g. language exercises, games, drills, flash cards, CD ROMs, video tapes, teaching manuals, language books, etc.).

FirstVoices Development
Language archiving using FirstVoices.com

For more information, please contact Rachel Perkins: rachel@fpcc.ca

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BCLI Final 
Report Form 2018-2019 [Word] [PDF]

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