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The Aboriginal Languages Initiative

NEW! The Aboriginal Languages Initiative (ALI)

The Aboriginal Languages Initiative (ALI) is now open for applications for the 2017-2018 year! The ALI supports community-based projects that contribute to the revitalization and preservation of Aboriginal languages in B.C. Eligible strategies include participatory (language immersion) programming and resource development (archiving or documentation).

Please note that: projects that provide direct language instruction must be held outside of Grade K‑12 classes or accredited course work; and projects that develop new language learning resources (or use existing learning resources) must have broad appeal and a detailed distribution plan.

ALI 2017-2018 Call for Proposals [PDF]
ALI 2017-2018 Funding Guide [PDF]
ALI 2017-2018 Application Form [Word] [PDF]
ALI 2017-2018 Budget Form [Excel]
B.C. Language & Dialect List [PDF]

Deadline for Applications: December 13, 2016 at 4:30 pm.

Applications must be received in hard copy by the FPCC on or before the deadline date. Post-marked applications with the deadline date will be accepted from isolated communities.

Language Needs Assessment:
All applicants are required to submit an updated Language Needs Assessment (current to within the last eight months). To Login or Create a New LNA Account please use this link: http://fp-maps.ca/user/login

Please contact Barb Matilpi (barb@fpcc.ca) or Aliana Parker (aliana@fpcc.ca) for further information.


The Aboriginal Languages Initiative (ALI) is a federal program funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage.  Program objectives are to support projects that maintain, revitalize and promote provincial First Nations/Aboriginal Languages.

Examples of eligible projects include community-based activities such as:
  • recording, documenting and preserving endangered Aboriginal languages;
  • developing materials to increase Aboriginal language use and proficiency;
  • developing programs for training and certifying Aboriginal language teachers and resource people in the community*
  • developing systems for facilitating communications in Aboriginal languages;
  • promoting traditional approaches to learning, such as language camps, immersion programs, etc; and
  • developing mechanisms for digital tools to sharing share information, materials, and other resources among Aboriginal languages groups.
*Note: Doesn't include accredited courses.

For more information, please contact Barb Matilpi: barb@fpcc.ca

funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage


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