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Language Program Overview

The First Peoples' Cultural Council supports B.C. First Nations communities to maintain, preserve and restore their languages by providing funding, training and capacity building, and advocacy for language immersion, collaboration, planning, language and culture, and archiving programs. We distribute provincial and federal funding, and administer immersion-focused programs.

We are now accepting applications for the 2019/2020 Program Year!
Funding is offered in the following categories:
    • NEW! Digitization Grant Initiative (DiGI) - DiGI is a new funding opportunity to support the digitization of Indigenous language resources in B.C. Application deadline September 30, 2019
    • Language Gathering & Sharing: Funding for language-focused gatherings in B.C. that bring together First Nations communities and organizations to share about their current and future language revitalization projects and plans. This program accepts applications on an ongoing basis. Open - Apply Here!
    • Silent Speaker: Reclaiming My Language: A Course for Silent Speakers assists those who know their First Nations language but cannot speak it.
      Application date TBD.
    • FirstVoices: is an online Indigenous language resource developed by First Peoples’ that has gained international recognition. Community-based teams of fluent-speaking First Nations Elders and technically savvy youth are trained in the collection, editing and uploading of words, phrases, songs and stories. Closed for the current program year.
    • Mentor-ApprenticeThe Mentor-Apprentice Program supports one-on-one teams of a language mentor and apprentice to complete 300 hours of language immersion work together over a one-year period. Application date TBD.
    • Language NestThe goal of the Language Nest Program is to create new language speakers by creating language and cultural immersion environments for preschool age children and their parents to become fluent in their First Nations languages. Application date TBD.
    • Language Revitalization PlanningCommunities are asked to work as a team to share resources, knowledge, funding, resource people, infrastructure and expertise to develop a language authority. Application date TBD.
    • Aboriginal Languages Initiative: is a federal program funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage. ALI provides funding support for community and regionally based projects directed at maintaining, revitalizing and promoting First Nations languages. Application date TBD.
    • The B.C. Language Initiative: supports projects to revitalize British Columbia First Nations languages through documentation, immersion programs, materials and curriculum development, traditional and cultural programming, and community collaboration. First Nations communities and organizations are eligible to submit proposals. Application date TBD.
Click here for current funding opportunities.
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