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Culture Programs

We offer cultural programming in the following areas:

Sharing Traditional Arts Across Generations
The Sharing Traditional Arts Across Generations Program is intended for Aboriginal arts organizations, collectives and artists who have a demonstrated commitment to their artistic practice in any traditionally based artistic discipline—visual, music, dance or story. The program will assist with projects that have the transmission of traditional arts skills and knowledge as their primary focus.

Aboriginal Arts Administrator and Cultural Manager Internships
The Arts Administrator Internships and Mentorships Program will support internship and training opportunities for individuals who have a demonstrated commitment to arts administration and cultural management.

For more information about the programs above, contact Sarah Pocklington sarah@fpcc.ca

Language and Culture Camps
The goal of this program is to create opportunities for First Nations families, Elders, youth and children to be immersed in their languages and cultures through activities that facilitate the transmission of traditional knowledge, and values, while also nurturing the relationship between youth, Elders and the land. Communities carry out Language and Culture Camps using traditional cultural activities including multi-generational gatherings, and language and culture immersion.

For more information, please contact info@fpcc.ca

Heritage Toolkit
We have also developed a heritage toolkit, which introduce some of the management practices of historic place conservation—the conservation of our post-1846 visible heritage today. Historic place conservation can revitalize community spirit and pride by celebrating community identity and it can provide strong documentation for the protection and safeguarding of places. Our goal is to provide resource documents to help First Nations cultural workers understand historic place conservation in B.C.

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