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Culture Programs

FPCC’s Indigenous Cultural Heritage Program does not currently have funding to develop its program goals and grants streams. We are calling on all levels of government and organizations to support us in the important work of revitalizing and conserving the Indigenous cultural heritage of B.C. 

We offer cultural programming in the following areas through the Arts Program:

Sharing Traditional Arts Across Generations
The Sharing Traditional Arts Across Generations Program is intended for Aboriginal arts organizations, collectives and artists who have a demonstrated commitment to their artistic practice in any traditionally based artistic discipline—visual, music, dance or story. The program will assist with projects that have the transmission of traditional arts skills and knowledge as their primary focus.

Aboriginal Arts Administrator and Cultural Manager Internships
The Arts Administrator Internships and Mentorships Program will support internship and training opportunities for individuals who have a demonstrated commitment to arts administration and cultural management.

For more information about the programs above, contact Sarah Pocklington sarah@fpcc.ca

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