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Cultural Heritage

Cultural Heritage Funding Opportunities:
This program is now offering two new grants. To view current grants please visit the Programs page.

In an Indigenous context, cultural heritage refers to ideas, experiences, objects, artistic expressions, practices, knowledge and places that are valued because they are culturally meaningful, connected to shared memory, or linked to collective identity.

All parts of daily life, i.e. family and community, food and health, art, song and dance, language, spirituality and values, history and the land interact with one another to make up a culture. The loss of Indigenous heritage is profound. There is an urgent and immediate need to achieve sustainable funding and support to protect Indigenous cultural heritage, now and into the future.

Through sustainable and comprehensive funding, the four goals of FPCC’s Indigenous Cultural Heritage Program are to:
  • Increase the inter-generational transmission of Indigenous heritage and cultural knowledge.
  • Increase community capacity to support Indigenous cultural heritage through grants for best practices, capacity building, mentorships and cultural infrastructure development; develop training programs and tools; and advocacy efforts. 
  • Conduct research to develop a strategy for the revitalization and maintenance of all forms of B.C. Indigenous heritage.
  • Invest in and develop a strong network of experts on the revitalization of Indigenous heritage and cultural knowledge.
If you have questions please contact Karen Aird, Cultural Heritage Manager: karen@fpcc.ca or tel. 250-319-5682.

Resources, News and Information on Heritage Topics:
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