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Arts Funding Programs

Thank you to everyone who has shown interest and submitted applications to the Indigenous Arts Programs and Indigenous Music Initiative.

The application period is now closed except for Micro-Grants.

NOTE: Arts Micro Grant applications are accepted on an on-going basis. 

All applications for the funding cycle will be accepted through our new online grant portal. www.fpcc.ca/login. Create your profile today! 

The FPCC Arts Program delivers funding in these Program areas: 
Click on the programs below for more information, guidelines and view past recipient lists.

 The Indigenous Arts Program (IAP)

The Indigenous Music Initiative (IMI)

Please note: For the purposes of this program, the term “Indigenous artists” includes Indigenous status, non-status, Métis and/or Inuit.

Grant Writing Handbook Click here
Confirmation of Participation Letter Template [PDF]

For more information, please contact: 

Emerging Music Industry Professional
Expanding Capacity in the Indigenous Music Recording Industry
Touring, Promotions/Marketing and Performance Initiative - Sarah Pocklington sarah@fpcc.ca 

Individual Artists
Sharing Traditional Arts Across Generations
Arts Organizations and Collectives
Micro-Grants - Nikki Thomas nikki@fpcc.ca

Arts Administrator Internships
Community Land-Based Arts - Anna Huard anna@fpcc.ca


Indigenous Arts Program (IAP) Interim Report Template [PDF] [WORD]

Indigenous Arts Program (IAP) Final Report Templates
Individual Artists [PDF] [WORD]
Sharing Traditional Arts Across Generations [PDF] [WORD]
Organizations and Collectives [PDF] [WORD]
Arts Administrator Internships [PDF] [WORD]
Community Land-Based Arts [PDF] [WORD]
Arts Micro-Grants [PDF] [WORD]

Indigenous Music Initiative (IMI) Interim Report Template [PDF] [WORD]

Indigenous Music Initiative (IMI) Final Report Templates
Emerging Music Industry Professional [PDF] [WORD]
Expanding Capacity in the Indigenous Music Recording Industry [PDF] [WORD]

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