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First Peoples' Arts Map

The First Peoples' Arts Map is a living interactive environment for Indigenous artists and arts organizations to create an online presence, and be networked to the other participants throughout the province. The site is fully searchable for those wanting to learn more about Indigenous arts practices in B.C.

This FP Arts Map is available for Indigenous artists and arts administrators in B.C., to register accounts, and create ‘entries’ on the map. This is bringing the site to life.

To go to the FP Arts Map click here or go to http://www.fp-artsmap.ca

1. You can interact with the site via any browser. However, you will have the best view if you use ‘Firefox’ which can be downloaded free at: www.mozilla.org/firefox

2. To visit or to register an account for the Arts Map go to: http://www.fp-artsmap.ca

3. Once you have registered an account you can use that account to create content, including your personal entry as an ‘Artist’ or ‘Arts Administrator’.

4. This process should be quite straight forward if you have prepared a bio, artist statement or other related text, images, or links to video or sound files. (You can always go back to your account to do edits, updates or additions.)

5. After you have created your personal entry, you can create additional entries for any organization, event, public art, or resources that you administer (It is possible for you to create and manage more than one entry through your account). Be sure to include a postal code for every entry so that the site can locate you on the map.

You can log back into your account, and edit, update and make additions to your entries any time you wish. Open the Arts Map, log-in, and select the specific entry you want to edit or add content to.

While registering an account, creating your ‘person’ entry, or just browsing around please contact us with questions, or if you want assistance getting started.

Miigwech for participating!

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