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Tracey Herbert, Chief Executive Officer Email Tracey
Susan De Stephanis, Executive Assistant to Tracey Herbert Email Susan

Language Program
Aliana Parker, Language Revitalization Program Specialist Email Aliana
Rachel Perkins, Language Programs Associate Email Rachel
Britt Thorburn, Language Programs Assistant Email Britt

Arts Program
Sarah Pocklington, Acting Arts Program Manager Email Sarah
Angela Marston, Arts Program Associate Email Angela
Nikki Thomas, Arts Program Assistant Email Nikki
Cathi Charles Wherry, Arts Program Manager (on leave until May 2018)

FirstVoices, I.T. and Language Mapping
Alex Wadsworth, I.T. Manager Email Alex

Endangered Languages Project
Shaylene Boechler, Endangered Languages Manager Email Shay

Megan Lappi, Communications Manager Email Megan **Please contact Megan with media requests**
Kevin Perkins, Communications Assistant Email Kevin


Patti Hupe, Financial Officer Email Patti

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