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General inquiries: info@fpcc.ca

Chief Executive Officer, Tracey Herbert - View Bio here
Executive Assistant to Tracey Herbert, Claudine Buffalo Email Claudine 

Language Program
Language Programs Manager, Aliana Parker: Email Aliana
ALI and BCLI programs, Rachel Perkins: Email Rachel
Mentor-Apprentice and Language Nest programs, Britt Dunlop: Email Britt
Language Revitalization Coaches main contact, Glenn Jim: Email Glenn
Digitization Grant Initiative, Kevin Perkins: Email Kevin
Reclaiming My Language & Language Gathering and Sharing Grants,Thea Harris: Email Thea

FirstVoices Technology, Daniel Yona, FirstVoices Dev Manager: Email Daniel
FirstVoices Grants and Program Information, Kyra Fortier: Email Kyra

Arts Program
Arts Program Manager, Sarah Pocklington: Email Sarah
Indigenous Arts Program, Nikki Thomas: Email Nikki or Anna Huard: Email Anna
Indigenous Music Initiative, Sarah Pocklington: Email Sarah
General inquiries for all programs, Sophia Bain: Email Sophia

Heritage Program
Heritage Program Manager, Karen Aird: Email Karen

Endangered Languages Project
Outreach Coordinator, Anna Belew: Email Anna

Communications/Media - media inquiries: media@fpcc.ca
Communications Manager, Megan Lappi: Email Megan
Media Inquiries, Emmy McMillan: Email Emmy or Celia Sollows: Email Celia

General inquiries: finance@fpcc.ca

Human Resources
General inquires: hr@fpcc.ca

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