New Language Needs Assessment System!

November 20, 2015
New and Improved Language Needs Assessment System Collects Important Data for Language Revitalization

We are excited to launch our new Language Needs Assessment (LNA) system! The system has been redesigned to create a more user-friendly format and also includes a few new features, including the option for community users to upload documents and links. These resources can be shared with other communities to support language revitalization efforts all over British Columbia.

What Is a Language Needs Assessment and Why Is It Important?
The LNA is an online form that applicants complete when applying for language grants from FPCC. The purpose of the LNA is to establish what types of projects, resources and infrastructure exist in each applicant community or communities.

It provides baseline information on the demographics and resources in the communities so that FPCC can make a case for investment in language revitalization. For example, this information is used to publish the Status of Languages Report, which FPCC uses to advocate for funding, to plan programs and for educational purposes.

The data is also important and useful to communities planning programs and projects as it assesses the needs of the communities each year. 

How is the LNA used?
Communities can track progress in their language revitalization efforts and look at previous language projects. They can also link to resources so learners can find resources via the FPCC Language Map and LNA system.

How to Submit Your Online Language Needs Assessment Form:
To Login or Create a New LNA Account please use this link:

For more information, please contact:
Britt Thorburn, Language Program Assistant, or
250-652-5952, ext. 209

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