Silent Speaker
Pilot Program

October 19, 2018
FPCC is excited to announce that we are now accepting proposals for Expressions of Interest for the 2019 pilot program Reclaiming My Language: A Course for Silent Speakers.

This course is for those who understand but do not speak their First Nations language and is based on a successful program that was developed in Norway and Sweden for and by Indigenous Sami peoples. The model uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to support silent speakers to overcome barriers to using their Indigenous language in their communities. 

Reclaiming My Language: A Course for Silent Speakers is currently in the pilot phase with a limited number of courses held during the pilot phase in 2018-19. The program will be officially launched in September 2019. The Call for Expression of Interest deadline for the 2019 course is November 19, 2018.

Course duration is 10 weeks for 2-3 hours each week and will include:
  • 10 silent speaker participants paired with a fluent mentor
  • Supportive environment to practice speaking the language
  • Certified mental health specialist experienced in CBT
  • Individual skill development in CBT
  • Funding to cover the costs of planning and delivering the course
Participants will share their feelings about speaking their language and discuss their weekly homework assignments. The course also offers an internship opportunity for participants to volunteer in a community language program and connect with other language learners, such as in a daycare. 

At the end of the first pilot program FPCC conducted an evaluation and asked for responses from participants on their experience. One described the impact of the program on her life in the following:
“I feel so much stronger as a native person. Strength in knowledge. I felt ashamed of my level and shame to speak in a non-native setting. This course has built up my courage to speak in any setting and be proud to be a strong native woman, passing this on to my grandbabies.” – Reclaiming My Language Pilot Project Participant

If you are interested in hosting a course please download the
Call for Expression of Interest Guidelines: [PDF

If you have questions about the course, preparing an expression of interest or how you can be involved please contact Suzanne Gessner at

We are currently seeking Mental Health Specialists experienced in CBT as co-instructors with positions across the province. Visit our employment page for more information.

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For additional information on FPCC programs and funding call (250) 652-5952.

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