New Resource for Language in the Home

September 17, 2019
The First Peoples’ Cultural Council (FPCC) has produced a new language resource: Language for Life: Nourishing Indigenous Languages in the Home

The purpose of this handbook is to help families bring their language into their home on an everyday basis. In the past, our children learned their Indigenous language at home where it was spoken everyday. The natural process of language transfer was interrupted, but it can once again become part of our daily activity. 

This free, practical handbook is useful at any stage of language learning and can help ensure that your language is spoken for generations to come. 

Some of the topics include:
- Tips and strategies to support language in the home
- Making your language visible 
- Using language with games and family activities
- Creating a family language plan
- Worksheets to support your language goals

Speaking our language together, in the home, benefits children and families as it restores connections to identity and culture.

This resource supports efforts to reclaim, revitalize and maintain Indigenous languages like those found in B.C. The Indigenous languages and cultures of B.C. are incredibly diverse, just as the needs of each family, community, and language speakers and learners are different. The information in this book is intended as a starting point to support families who want to regularly speak their language in their home.

Start your plan to use your language for life today!
Download the handbook 
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