Agreement Supports Language Learning

June 11, 2018
FPCC and the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) have signed an agreement to collaborate on upgrades to FPCC’s FirstVoices Language Tutor software.

Under the agreement, the FirstVoices Language Tutor will be updated to align with current technologies and enable new functionalities to support effective Indigenous language learning. Along with software upgrades, the updates will include improved user tools and language lesson templates that will integrate with other technologies at

The FirstVoices Language Tutor will prioritize Indigenous leadership, community ownership and security of data, and support FPCC’s longstanding commitment to maintain the technology into the future.

“We are excited about this opportunity to bring the FirstVoices Language Tutor up to speed with current technology and offer this valuable tool to First Nations in B.C. and across Canada,” said Aliana Parker, FPCC Language Programs Manager. “We are very grateful for the NRC’s investment in this project, which will allow us to provide the Language Tutor at no cost to all First Nations communities in B.C.”

The FirstVoices Language Tutor is a web-based tool that allows language teachers to create interactive online lessons for Indigenous language learners. It was developed as part of FPCC’s FirstVoices program, which is an internationally recognized and acclaimed online Indigenous language archiving and teaching resource that allows communities to document their languages for future generations.

Using the FirstVoices Language Tutor, First Nations communities can build media-rich, intuitive language lessons. This multimedia platform incorporates images, video and audio clips from the FirstVoices library of words and phrases. The Language Tutor also includes a learner management system that allows teachers to track the progress of each student through the lessons.

The new Language Tutor software will be developed by Udutu, a Victoria-based online learning company.

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