New Learning Portal Launched

May 19, 2015

Were you inspired by the “Our Living Languages” exhibition at the Royal BC Museum? Would you like to learn more, or share what you’ve learned with others?

Accessing some of the elements of the award-winning “Our Living Languages” exhibition just got easier thanks to a new online tool. The Learning Portal allows kids and adult learners to take a behind the scenes look at the stories and information from the exhibition, which opened to visitors in Victoria last year.

Designed to inspire curiosity, stimulate creative thinking and appeal to different ways of learning, the portal features videos, audio recordings (including the cradle theatre), art images, interactive map links, online study resources via an inquiry guide for teachers, outside First Nations links and compelling stories.

“We know from feedback that the meaning of ‘intangible heritage’ in the exhibition has reached far beyond the borders of B.C. and touched an international audience,” says Michelle Washington, the exhibition’s manager. “The Learning Portal will bring the exhibition to life for online learners across the province and around the world.”

“Language is culture; culture is who we are and what has connected us to our beautiful territories for thousands of years.”

Over its lifespan, the portal will continue to grow, adding multimedia content and new interactive features. The next stage will include a learners’ board, similar to Pinterest.

B.C. is known internationally as a language hotspot because of its 34 languages. To celebrate this, the Our Living Languages exhibition, (June 2014 – June 2017) was developed as a partnership between the Royal BC Museum and the First Peoples’ Cultural Council in consultation with B.C. First Nations cultural experts.

Visit the exhibition’s Learning Portal.

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