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April 3, 2019
HELISET TŦE SḰÁL – ‘Let the Languages Live’
2019 International Conference on Indigenous Languages

In celebration of the United Nations 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages, the First Peoples’ Cultural Council and the First Peoples’ Cultural Foundation are excited to announce that this summer, in partnership with the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, we will be hosting a major international conference on Indigenous language revitalization.

HELISET TŦE SḰÁL - ‘Let the Languages Live’ is organized by and for Indigenous people to celebrate Indigenous languages and support language revitalization best practices. 

WHAT: An international gathering to bring together Indigenous leaders and language experts, speakers, learners and advocates from around the globe to celebrate, honour and share expertise in Indigenous language reclamation, revitalization and maintenance and to learn about successful language projects in B.C. 
WHEN: June 24–26, 2019  
WHERE: Victoria Conference Centre in Victoria, B.C., Canada 

"Here in B.C. and around the globe, Indigenous Peoples are continuing their work to remember, reclaim, restore and revitalize their languages, knowledge and wisdom – the voices of the land and our ancestors. We look forward to welcoming Indigenous Peoples to join us at HELISET TŦE SḰÁL - ‘Let the Languages Live’ conference to join in teaching the world about the beauty, wisdom and power in our languages to heal the spirit, community and the land.” 
Wanosts’a7 (Dr. Lorna Williams), Lil’watul, Member of the Board of FPCF, Professor Emerita of Indigenous Education, University of Victoria 

Help us spread the word and please join us at this important event! Come share your knowledge and support grassroots efforts to revitalize our Indigenous languages worldwide. 


The goal of the HELISET TŦE SḰÁL - ‘Let the Languages Live’ is to provide participants with practical skills and knowledge to support their Indigenous language revitalization work. Multiple workshop streams will include: 
  • Practical training in Indigenous language immersion, archiving and documentation techniques
  • Language policy and legislation
  • Language revitalization program planning
  • Models for language revitalization and education
  • Language and technology
  • Storytelling
Due to overwhelming demand we have closed registration. Please check back in 2 weeks as we may re-open the waitlist.
The United Nations declared 2019 as the Year of Indigenous Languages as an important mechanism to raise international attention about the critical loss of Indigenous languages and the urgent need to preserve, revitalize, promote and mobilize urgent and coordinated action at the national and international levels to protect them. More info about UNESCO International Year of Indigenous Languages:

We hope you will come to HELISET TŦE SḰÁL - ‘Let the Languages Live’ to share your knowledge, learn from others and find new tools and resources for language revitalization!

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