It's International Mother Language Day!

February 21, 2019
February 21 is International Mother Language Day!

International Mother Language Day was started in 2000 by the United Nations to raise awareness about the importance of protecting and revitalizing Indigenous languages around the world. 
Help us share this message by posting a video, image or text to social media with a word or phrase in your language that has meaning for you. Challenge your friends, family and colleagues to join the campaign!

How to Participate:
  • Record yourself in a 60 second (or less) video
  • Share a word or phrase and tell us how it is important to you
  • The video should start with “My favorite word (or expression) is …” 
  • Tell us who you are and what language you speak
  • If you’d like help on how to record yourself using your cellphone click here.
  • Simply publish a photo of a word/expression in your language, or a photo representing it
  • You can explain the meaning of it or why it matters to you in the image description
  • Share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • Use the hashtag #mylanguagematters #IMLD2019
  • Tag FPCC so we can share your posts on Facebook @First Peoples’ Cultural Council and Twitter @_FPCC 
  • Challenge others to post and share!
Indigenous languages here in B.C., and around the world, are facing threats to their vitality. Help share the beauty and importance of these languages by joining us in this global campaign to raise awareness and encourage support for increasing fluency, language planning and documentation.

To find out more about FPCC Language programs visit:
To find out more about International Mother Language Day, visit:

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