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Jaskwaan Amanda Bedard (Haida), Secretary

Jaskwaan (Amanda Bedard) is a committed Xaad Kil (Haida Language) learner, teacher, and advocate. Over the past 12 years she has been active in a multitude of Haida language-learning programs in her community, including: Xaad Kil Gwaaygangee (The Haida Language Nest), Haida Language Immersion, and the Mentor Apprentice Program. Ms. Bedard and her husband bring the Xaad Kil they learn to their home and speak to their three children, contributing to the future of Xaad Kil in Haida Gwaii. Jaskwaan believes that with community healing, as well as hard work and dedication, Xaad Kil can thrive once again.
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