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The First Peoples' Cultural Council Board is comprised of up to 13 members, including:
  • Up to 9 voting members appointed by the Minister on the recommendation of the FPCC Board
  • 2 voting members appointed by the Minister
  • 1 non-voting member appointed by the Minister to provide the government’s perspective to the Board
  • 1 non-voting member appointed by the Minister on the recommendation of the FPCC Board for the purpose of providing additional cultural perspective

These members are appointed to two-year terms by the Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation. 

Role of the Board of Directors

The mandate of the Board is to govern the operations of the organization by setting direction and policy, providing leadership to the FPCC and advocating on behalf of members.

Current Board of Directors:
Cynthia Callison (Chair)
Linda Bristol (Vice Chair)
Konrad Thiele (Treasurer)
Cynthia Jensen Fisk (Secretary)
Jaskwaan Bedard
Shain Jackson
Dr. Peter Jacobs
Dr. Trish Rosborough
Rachel Holmes (government seat)

Board Operations

  • FPCC convenes quarterly Board meetings, supplemented by conference calls as needed.
  • Committees of the Board hold regular meetings by conference call.
  • Standing committees meet independently and report details back to the Board, with minutes sent to the Board for review.
  • At the AGM each October, the Board reports to the Advisory Committee and hosts workshops with Advisory Committee members in order to receive feedback and suggestions for improvements on specific policies and programs. This information guides the Board and FPCC in setting organizational goals and strategies.

Board Activities And Responsibilities

  • Conducts strategic planning, including the annual service plan
  • Undertakes budgetary planning and accepts these budgets by formal resolution
  • Modifies and/or adopts plans to meet the routine demands of FPCC
  • Assesses and evaluates performance of FPCC through the annual report
  • Retains and manages the relationship with the Chief Executive Officer
  • Records faithfully for the corporate record any minutes of their meetings
  • Reports to the Advisory Committee at the AGM

Board Committees

The Governance Committee conducts all high-level business related to policy development and review of Board policies and administrative policies, but does not have authority for financial policy, which is the responsibility of the Finance and Audit Committee.

It acts as a membership monitoring group to conduct all business relating to Board membership, monitors Board meeting attendance, reviews the status of Board membership, welcomes new members, issues communications to members and notifies those members whose terms will be expiring.

The Governance Committee also recommends membership to the Advisory Committee. Members: Linda Bristol, Chair; Rachel Holmes; Shain Jackson; Jaskwaan Bedard.

The Finance and Audit Committee conducts all high-level business related to finance for the Board, such as budget review, audit review and financial policy development. Members: Konrad Thiele, Chair; Cynthia Jensen Fisk; Cynthia Callison.

The HR and Compensation Committee is responsible for hiring and evaluating the performance of the CEO, and making recommendations for her remuneration levels. Members: Dr. Trish Rosborough, Chair; Dr. Peter Jacobs.

Detailed descriptions of duties and terms of reference can be found in the Board of Directors' Policies and Procedures Manual 2011.

Key Accountabilities

FPCC’s Board of Directors is accountable to the Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation through the organization’s annual service plan, annual report and through reporting on its transfer under agreement.

The organization is also accountable to B.C. First Nations and its other funders, including the New Relationship Trust, the Department of Canadian Heritage, the BC Arts Council and Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies.
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