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The First Peoples' Cultural Council produces a number of resources for communities. Click on the links below to download your PDF copies of our publications. If you would like a printed copy, please contact us.



The First Peoples’ Cultural Council (FPCC) is proud to announce the release of its 25th Anniversary Report. For 25 years, FPCC has provided funding and resources to B.C.’s First Nations communities, monitored the status of First Nations languages in the province, and collaborated with organizations on special projects that have raised the profile of Indigenous arts and languages in B.C., Canada and internationally. The report provides information on FPCC’s key accomplishments, including impacts and progress.

PDF Document FPCC's 25th Anniversary Report

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The First Peoples’ Cultural Council is pleased to announce the release of the Proceedings of the Cultural Protocols & the Arts Forum, that took place at the En’owkin Centre in Penticton, British Columbia in March 2014.

Initiated by the First Peoples’ Cultural Council (FPCC), the Cultural Protocols and the Arts Forum brought together 70 Indigenous artists, cultural people, and allies in Penticton, B.C. to facilitate meaningful and solutions-focused discussion about how cultural protocols influence, inform, challenge and support artistic practice.

The forum included participants who could contribute their real experiences, methodologies and tools to this important conversation. Participants came from across Canada, with the strongest representation being from the province of B.C.

PDF Document Proceedings of the Cultural Protocols & the Arts Forum

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The Report on the Status of B.C. First Nations Languages provides concrete data on the province's First Nations languages, including the numbers of speakers and resources for each language as well as the language revitalization work being done.

PDF DocumentThe Report on the Status of B.C. First Nations Languages 2014, Second Edition
PDF Document2014 Language Report Fact Sheet
PDF DocumentPress Release

This updated edition provides statistics and information current to 2014, and highlights some of the successful language revitalization initiatives that are taking place around B.C.

PDF Document The Report on the Status of B.C. First Nations Languages 2010
PDF Document The Language Report Fact Sheet
PDF Document Press Release

PDF DocumentLanguage Nest Handbook for B.C. First Nations Communities
This handbook is a unique resource for early childhood language immersion programs. It outlines the vision and goals of the language nest model, summarizes research on language acquisition in young children and provides practical solutions to common challenges in running a language nest program. The handbook was developed with the support of the Chief Atahm School in Adams  Lake and incorporates the knowledge and experience of language nest program administrators and experts from around B.C. and worldwide.

Language Nest Handbook Online Companion Toolkit
Click here
to access the Online Companion Toolkit for the Language Nest Handbook for B.C. First Nations Communities. This toolkit contains a variety of practical resources to help you with the day-to-day running of a language nest program, including job descriptions, lesson plans, activity templates, and links to other resources and information on language nest.

PDF Document A Guide to Language Policy and Planning for B.C. First Nations Communities
This resource is an all-in-one guide to language planning and policy development, and is relevant to all interested community members, language planning teams (language authorities), educators, First Nations leadership, and policy makers. The guide lays the foundation for community-based language revitalization efforts, from surveying speakers to developing a community language plan and implementing language policies and programs. It is packed with useful information, resource lists and templates for community use.

Templates to accompany the guide:
Template 1 - Language Assessment Survey [Word] [PDF]
Template 1 - Excel Workbook for the Language Assessment Survey [Excel]
Template 2 - Language Attitudes Survey [Word] [PDF]
Template 2 - Excel Workbook for the Language Attitudes Survey [Excel]
Template 3 - Language Learning Interest and Personal Resources Survey [Word] [PDF]
Template 4 - Identifying Community Language Resources Survey [Word] [PDF]
Template 5 - Community Notice for Language Planning Meeting [Word] [PDF]
Template 6 - Thinking Big Picture Ideal Language Goals for the Community [Word] [PDF]
Template 7 - Language Plan Template [Word] [PDF]
Template 8 - Building Support and Identifying Human Capacity for Language Planners [Word] [PDF]
Template 9 - Language Authority Terms of Reference [Word] [PDF]
Template 10 - Official Language Policy [Word] [PDF]
Template 11 - Resolution of Support for Language [Word] [PDF]

PDF Document B.C.'s Master Apprentice Language Program Handbook
This handbook serves as a resource from which communities and individuals can gather ideas and guidance for planning and carrying out the Master-Apprentice Program. The information in this handbook is based on the Master Apprentice method that was developed in California by Dr. Leanne Hinton, Nancy Richardson, Mary Bates Abbott, Julian Lang, and others in 2001, and on best practices from B.C. First Nations community members who have successfully carried out the program since 2007.

PDF Document Culture Camps for Language Learning: An Immersion Handbook
This handbook is intended to be a practical tool for camp organizers, staff, Elders, community members, teachers and anyone else involved in language and culture camps. It includes key points and details for each step of the entire process of planning and carrying out a language and culture immersion camp.

PDF Document Language and Culture Immersion Programs Handbook
This handbook provides tips for language teaching and learning, ideas for language immersion games and activities, as well as suggested language teaching methods and approaches. It is intended to be a practical tool for Elders, community members, teachers and anyone else involved in language revitalization, especially language and culture immersion programs.

PDF Document Language Nest Programs in B.C.
This booklet is a condensed version of Onowa McIvor's Ph.d thesis work on language nests in B.C. It was created with the hope that it may be useful to communities interested in starting a language nest program.


PDF Document Arts Portfolio Handbook
An arts portfolio is a package of information about your history and experience as an artist. This handbook has been designed to provide you with some basic tips and templates to get your arts portfolio started.

PDF Document Grant Writing Handbook
We know that writing a grant application or proposal can seem overwhelming at first, so we’ve compiled some information and other ‘quick tips’ that we hope you’ll find useful!

PDF Document Careers in the Arts Handbook
This booklet was written to provide a snapshot of some of the career possibilities associated with each artistic discipline.


PDF Document Summer 2015
PDF Document Spring/Summer 2014
PDF Document Spring/Summer 2012
PDF Document Spring/Summer 2011
PDF Document Spring/Summer 2010
PDF Document Summer 2009
PDF Document Fall Winter 2008/2009

To download service plans, annual reports or other governance-related documents, click here.

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