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Arts Grants

The 2019 application period for Indigenous Arts Programs and Indigenous Music Initiatives are now CLOSED.

Arts Micro-Grants are excluded as they do not have a funding cycle and are accepted on an on-going basis. 

Click on the below links to learn more:

Arts Micro-Grants - Accepted on an on-going basis

Indigenous Arts Program - CLOSED

Emerging Individual Artists
Organizations and Collectives
Sharing Traditional Arts

Arts Administrator Internships
Community Land-Based Arts

Indigenous Music Initiative - CLOSED
Emerging Indigenous Music Professionals
Expanding Capacity in the Indigenous Music Recording Industry
Touring, Promotions/Marketing and Performance Initiatives

Click here to view our Grant Writing Handbook

For further assistance with our Arts Program, please contact:
Nikki Thomas: nikki@fpcc.ca, or
Sarah Pocklington: sarah@fpcc.ca

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